Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Digital Painting in Italy

This year I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Italy and stay in the beautiful Tuscany area.  I was a guest at the well known Watermill run by Bill and Lois Breckon. My aim was to paint "en plein air" digitally. Technically possible except for the glare on my iPad and Laptop.  Nevertheless, I was able to accomplish several paintings while there, and even finished my last on board my flight back home.
While struggling to find a glare free location, the sight of the other guests painting away at their easels made me very nostalgic for the feel of actual juicy paint loaded on a brush skimming over a pristine white canvas.  I decided that on my return home I would allocate one day a week to actual plein air painting in oils, and quickly joined a group.  I am looking forward to posting on a regular basis my efforts both in pigment, and my continued love affair with the pixels.

This is a view of Posara Village from my bedroom window in Italy.  I was awoken by the church bells at dawn and caught this scene early in the morning.  This is painted digitally using Painter X3.
 This is the scene behind the Watermill in Tuscany and was the first digital painting that I completed in Italy.

Some more digitally painted Tuscan Scenes


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